Square Fish had its humble start to life in a Newtown laundry in the heady days of 2004. Started by its director, Hamish Siddins, Square Fish has since grown into an independent production house designed to deliver concept-to-creation services for a wide spectrum of clients. We create campaigns, produce events, branded content, and promotional videos. These days, Square Fish has at its fingertips a network of talented freelance camera operators, producers, motion effects artists, web designers, editors and stills photographers – collectively pooling over 40 years in the television and film industries. We work together in a highly-collaborative manner with each client in order to see your job from a million angles.

About Hamish Siddins
Hamish Siddins has worked in content and media production within the entertainment industry for over 11 years, holding roles as varied as radio dj, music journalist and critic, web designer, dop, director, editor and camera operator. Over this time he’s been yelled at by Lou Reed, back-slapped by Ben Harper and laughed at by Jason Biggs*. But he’s had a blast along the way.

*always sit on hard back chairs while conducting interviews.


Since 2004, Square Fish has worked with record labels and management companies to produce content for the world’s biggest musical acts with a commitment to keeping the music industry current and in-step with its rapidly changing market. If it’s a documentary, web series, TVC, making-of, sizzle reel, press kit or multi-camera live DVD then we have the team equipped for the task. We also have members of our team available for freelance camera and edit work if you’re another production company needing an experienced hand on your own production.

While our history has been heavily rooted in the music industry, recent years have seen Square Fish diversify rapidly into other fields. We have worked on documentaries all around the world, corporate films, travel shows, event films and web series’.

Square Fish is an all-solutions production company that creates engaging and entertaining content across all media platforms. If you’re a business, band, label, event, non-profit trying to get a message up on screen or web and you’re looking at something more than a traditional TVC and print campaign, then we’d love to hear from you.

Take a look at our showreel or browse through the portfolio for an idea of some of the things we’ve had a hand in over the years.

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